Sunny Nights Evening 2013 – Welcome to Pudasjärvi

Greetings from Finland!
This year we have a small Sunny Nights Evening at Pudasjärvi airfield on Friday the 19th of July! We visit Rovaniemi Santa Claus Land, and then back to Pudasjärvi for a dinner, sauna and having a good time only relaxing around the campfire.
On Saturday we fly to Kuhmo Airfield (EFKH). There is a fly-in for Experimental airgrafts, but all kind of aircrafts are welcome!
In Pudasjärvi there is a lot of actions at that time. Skydivers are on their camp, glider pilots are flying, and there is also some hotballoons! And last but not the least, you can fly nearly all around the clock, and the Nature of Lapland is here! Silence, peace, and kind people!
You are very welcome!
Kind regards
Marja-Helena Jaakkola
+358 50 9193029
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