Fly Party 2015 in Northern Italy

HAG Italy (Historical Aircaft Group) is organizing a Fly In in Montagnana (north of Italy) for the 27th and 28th of June .

Focus of this edition will be a Siai Marchetti and Stelio Frati aircafts meeting to commemorate the following anniversaries:

– 100th anniversary of the Siai Marchetti company foundation

– 60th anniversary of the Falco F8L first flight and all Stelio Frati aircrafts european meeting

– 50th anniversary of the Siai Marchetti S205 official presentation and all Siai Marchetti aircrafts European meeting

– Cessna “birddog” European meeting

 All pilots by your associations will be very very welcome to this event, beside on the avitions things we are thinking to give you the possibility to visit some nice areas and cities of the north of Italy.


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