Sunny Nights Fly-In 2012

SNF KarttakuvaFinland, Pudasjärvi (EFPU) 28.6-1.7.2012

Traditional fly-in at Pudasjärvi airfield during the midnight summer period just 200 kilometres from the Arctic Circle. The event will be organised with a modern way emphasizing local culture and tradition.

General information:

¨       Pudasjärvi airfield, EFPU, 2000m*45m asphalt, uncontrolled airspace, no charges or fees!

¨       Seaplane landing on the Lake Pudasjärvi

¨       Reception will be opened on Thursday 28.6.2012 at 9 o’clock, all aviator guests are welcome!

¨       Please note on your flight planning that there is the Mosquito Rally Glider competition on 28th and 29th of June at EFPU. There will be some 20 gliders taking part to that race on both days;

  • Gliders will be towed on the runway threshold from 10 o’clock
  • Towing will start around 12 o’clock by two aircrafts and after the unclutch they will join to short RH traffic circuit, one of those two AC’s will commence a line dropping prior the final
  • Gliders will arrive on the evenings at 16-19  o’clock along the normal traffic circuit but sometimes along the long final leg at 200 km/h speed – in that case they will not commence a traffic circuit around the aerodrome!
  • Gliding activity is subject to weather conditions

Program possibilities:

Daily topic will be chosen among the options below according to the majority interests and weather forecast;

¨       Flying trips to

  • Aavahelukka (EFAA)
  • Enontekiö (EFET)
  • Ivalo (EFIV)
  • Kuusamo (EFKU)
  • Oulu (EFOU)
  • Pokka (EFPA)
  • Rovaniemi (EFRO)
  • Ranua (EFRU)
  • Pajala (ESUP)

¨       Other targets

Animal Lovers’ Day Trip to Ranua A day trip from Ranua airport starts immediately after you have landed to Ranua airport. We will head towards the Wildlife Park by car. In the park we will become acquainted with Arctic fauna with the help of our park map or guide, at the end of the tour, wewill have lunch at the restaurant Jussan Pirtti and time for shopping.  Duration 4 hours+ transfers. Price 40 eur/person. With guide at Wildlife Park 80 eur/person. Reservations 1 day earlier by email or by phone, or +358 16 355 1921.


¨       Local pilots will provide needed guidance and support


¨       EFPU

  • Trailer sites
  • Tent sites

¨       Pudasjärvi

  • Hotel Kurenkoski, a modest hotel at the centre of Pudasjärvi city
  • Jyrkkäkoski Camping, a camping site with cottages available only 800 metres from EFPU

¨       Syöte

  • 2 hotels
  • Cottages available

¨       Oulu

  • Hotels of Oulu city

Catering and restaurant services:

¨       Traditional local dishes available from the restaurant at the airfield

¨       Local restaurants at Pudasjärvi city

¨       Restaurant with alcohol-rights is planned but cannot be confirmed yet

Public transportation:

¨       Fly-In Shuttle Bus from EFPU to Pudasjärvi city and back available

¨       Taxi services available at Pudasjärvi city

Aircraft maintenance services:

¨       Arctic Air Service Ltd., local A&P service available for maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs

Other information:

¨       Some of the events are subject to charge paid by each participant to the organizer of the event

¨       Aviation fuel 100LL available with cash payment

¨       Free Wi-Fi available

¨       Facilities for flight planning available

¨       Bulletin service available at

¨       More flight planning information available at eAIP

¨       Organized by AOPA Finland, Aviation Club of Pudasjärvi and Aviation Club of Oulu

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